Science of MUSIC, increased HAPPINESS and CREATIVITY

Have you ever heard of the Mozart effect?

A set of research results indicating that listening to Mozart‘s music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks.

Later it was mis-interpreted that listening to Mozart can: raise IQ by focusing attention, enhance creativity, reduce stress and tension by moderating heartbeat, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Other labs were not able to replicate the IQ mis-interpretation but the short-term improvement accompanied with other mood enhancements was replicated. This research has been applied to training thousands of educators, health professionals and individuals.

Let’s jump into the details and why you should be listening to Mozart

The Mozart Effect


The idea behind this is essentially that if you listen to classical music especially composed by Mozart, it has cognitive benefits vs other classical composers like Beethoven or Glass.

A study done by Dr. Frances Rauscher in 1998, where a group of rats was exposed, in utero followed by a postpartum period of 60 days to either Mozart’s piano, music by Philip Glass, white noise or silence. The Mozart group completed the maze test significantly more quickly and with fewer errors than the other three groups.


Then  they took these rats and did brain surgery to identify what exactly changed in the subjects that were exposed to Mozart.


These experiments have been replicated by other labs as well, and even on humans.

While conducting these tests on humans it was found that when Mozart was compared to Beethoven or Glass or just being in Silence, the subjects  exposed  to Mozart’s music reported being Happy, lively and bouncy.


Even if the claims of raised IQ were not true, the enhancement in short term memory and feeling happy, lively and bouncy are the effects of simply listening to Mozart’s Sonata, then sign me up.


I think this is critical for the Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Professionals especially because in our daily lives we can spend a lot of time by ourselves and being in  isolation which can reduce the liveliness that we feel when surrounded by like minded people or when we are in social interactions.


If we are not lively, bouncy and happy there is a high probability that Entrepreneurs or Professionals can feel depressed and that can result in them even giving up on the task they are performing, to trade in for feeling lively and happy.


Because the very reason we want to be creatives, entrepreneurs or we simply enjoy our daily careers is because all these things make us feel lively and happy.


I think these scientific studies on Mozart and the ability to enhance mood with increased effects on our cognitive ability especially when it comes to solving problems and decision making is always a welcome component  that might push us one step closer to building our million dollar empire.

We at JOLSID always look for new or creative hacks that can either aid or enhance your current brain function so you never give up and stay creative.


It’s great to have a good idea, but staying consistent with the work requires a different mindset and our aim is to maintain and enhance the creative mindset for entrepreneurs so you can be more productive, more happier and more successful.


How to:

Please go ahead and give Mozart a shot when you are working on creative tasks and are in need of elevating your mood.



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