How to not waste your life and value time.

“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”
― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

First, let’s identify the problem..

So what is Procrastination, exactly?

Basically, procrastination is the act of putting off essential task until a later time, most of the time non essential tasks are done in lieu of the more critical ones. Although this procrastination definition seems pretty simple the effects of procrastination are not. Procrastination may be one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome.

When you begin to think about today’s society, there is less and less time in the day, so it is very important that we manage our time efficiently and limit procrastination as much as possible.

For some reason, we have an emotional reaction when we have to do something we don’t want to do, don’t enjoy doing, or are convinced we simply cannot do. Learning to acknowledge this reaction will not only make us aware that we may be procrastinating, but will also help us on our quest to stop procrastinating.

You don’t have to look too hard to find information suggesting how procrastination can have adverse effects on your life. If there is so much information supporting this claim, then why do we procrastinate? Well, there are many reasons why people procrastinate. For example, we may put things off because we don’t enjoy doing these things. Maybe we think if we can’t do it perfect we may as well not do it at all.

Or maybe there is a belief in us that we just don’t have the ability to complete whatever task that is set before us. Whatever your reason for procrastinating, it is very important that you identify why you consistently do things at the last minute or completely put it off altogether.

Once you figure out why you put things off, you will be in a better position to come up with a solution to your procrastination problems. If you do not deal with your problem of procrastination it may be life altering, and not for the better.

By ignoring this issue, you will do a great disservice to yourself, especially considering there are so many ways you can overcome procrastination. Procrastination is a habit, and like any other habit it can be broken.

If you don’t break your procrastination habit, it can have serious consequences on your life and the lives of those who you care about. Also, if it goes unchecked, procrastination may affect your mental and physical health.

Why do we procrastinate?

The list of things we can procrastinate about is endless, but the list ofreasons for why we procrastinate is not. We avoid every task for the same reason: Taking action will cause us a certain amount of pain. To understand this concept, close your eyes and try the following:

Think of an action you’ve been avoiding. It could be any of the examples we’ve given or something that’s specific to your life. Imagine yourself starting to take that action. You’re going to feel something unpleasant. Concentrate on what you feel.

No matter what you call it, that unpleasant feeling is a kind of pain. Under this broad definition, fear, shame, vulnerability, and so on are all forms of pain.

How to NOT procrastinate?

Here’s how:



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