FAILED Mind: Mental barriers of SUCCESS (Part 4)

Today’s blog is all about feeling failed or failure mindset and how to hack it by applying science and strategic methods, so without wasting any time let’s do this.
Many of us have experienced failure, we have failed many times and we have recovered from it. But for some of us the sense of failure is so profound that it takes over our mind to the point that fear settles in our brains permanently.


Fear becomes so monumental that we start to overlook our achievements and start criticizing ourselves continuously.  This happens because now we don’t want to go through the experience of feeling failed, so we focus on our failed attempts and are always on a fear look out so it doesn’t happen again.

While we are busy trying to avoid fear we miss out the key achievements in our lives, and life just passes us by.


Fear of failure forms self limiting beliefs which eventually become our mental barriers towards our future success. We start saying things like we can’t do this, or that won’t work, its not doable and other kinds of self limiting talks.
I can talk about myself personally and I have done it in the past on numerous occations, I see many people around me doing this and I am sure you have been there at some point in your live or are current in that mindset.


This practice of failure mindset is so destructive for us, because it keeps us so focused on our mistakes that we totally overlook our own contributions, achievements and successes we had prior to that one mistake.


Let’s look at this mindset and you from a third persons perspective. You will notice that 80% of the time we are just doing fine, but it’s that 20% that’s not aligned to our overall goal or what we call the mistakes or the setbacks that we have encountered.

Now take for an example if DaVinci created many works of art and some for that time period were considered failed attempts and even he discard some of them. But today because of the success of Mona Lisa all his work, including the failed attempt paintings are of high value.
So, one mistake or few mistake don’t make or break you it’s how you finish the journey and what you would like to be remembered as in the end that’s what matters.

There are two popular schools of thought when it comes to viewing failure from professional perspective.
1- You either succeed or you learn
2 – Success is a direct outcome of proper planning and execution. (Indirectly saying that if you didn’t plan well and executed effectively then you failed)


Problem with the first thought is, if you are an entrepreneur who gets funded to start a company and you failed. In you mind you will be like I didn’t fail I learned, but what about the people who lost their money, I guess they learned as well to not trust someone like you?

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of both schools of thought, if you did plan and executed effectively and for some reason you failed. That’s a learning lesson for you to go track and identify all potential steps that could have been improved.

Sometimes you fail because of  the situations that are out of your control like a natural disaster or something of similar magnitude. Then you just need to walk it out, and just focus on next thing because your outcome was impacted by things beyond your control and there might be no lessons to learn. Unless you ignored few critical steps or failed to gather proper information, for eg. that fact that the project you started was in an earthquake and hurricane prone area, then that would go in lack of planning.


We created this blog so we can bring you the latest tools that are currently being applied in large corporations like practical application of consumer behaviorism, neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, psychometric evaluation to build effective teams and more.

Most freelancers, small business and entrepreneurs don’t have access to the marketing and research funding like large corporations. I have worked for large corporations and have tried many strategies. Some failed, while others were successful, but I wouldn’t be able test or try to even afford to initiate some of the project on my own even if I was even making over $1 million a year in revenue.

Strategies and hacks you can apply to minimise your failure.


There are three effect brain optimizers that you can add in your daily routine today.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 not just a vitamin it’s actually a hormone. More details in coming blogs with research.
Vitamin B12 (details on B12 blog)
Omega 3 – High in EPA and DHA in upcoming blog posts.


You will encounter many challenges in your lifetime but eventually you will find your own ways to deal with it, some of us find more productive ways and fearless ways while others will settle for fear or destructive ones.
End of the day choice is yours and how you decide to deal with life’s challenges, even if you disagree with everything mentioned today in this episode. Then I request please take one thing from this blog.
Whether you choose to live  productive or destructive, either way life and everything around you will still go on. So, why not choose to live fearlessly and make present the best moment, so far in your life.

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