Entrepreneur vs Athlete: DNA of Success

We recently received some great feedback from a listener. The listener asked why we don’t simply focus on success hacks for Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

I totally agree creatives and entrepreneurs are in a similar domain but why Athletes.

So, thanks to our listener for your feedback because it resulted in this episode.


Here is the simple and straightforward truth for all Entrepreneurs, if you don’t have the tenacity and self-confidence of an athlete then it will  be a tough road for you.

Now if Athletes don’t have the creativity and the hacker mentality of an Entrepreneur than it will be hard for you as well.


Any individual either Athlete or an Entrepreneur they must possess or either acquire the following traits:

  • Evolving Creativity
  • Self-Confidence
  • Tenacity
  • and Hacker mindset


  • Evolving Creativity

Athletes and Entrepreneurs are always victims of their own creativity and eventually it makes them obsolete. We tend to stick to one type of mindset or following the way of doing things that got us started in the first place. We forget that what got us started was back then, and conditions were totally different in the beginning.

Now there is more at stake, more responsibilities and new challenges. You have to be creative but at the same time your creativity has to evolve in order for you to tackle the PRESENT.

It’s fine to be inspired by your old work, or past performances but never ever let that become your benchmark. Never try to chase the first time. Because that’s when you start looking at the past and you miss the present and that sets you up for failure.


  • Self- Confidence

Self confidence simply means self-assurance in one’s Personal judgement, ability and power.

Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Athletes all are rebels in the society’s perception especially during their initial stages. Everyone around you or at least around most of us will be nay sayers. Who will give you 100 reasons why you are making a mistake and why you will not succeed or why its not a good idea.

If you lack Self- confidence you will easily be persuaded by those nay sayers or you will eventually give up especially when things get tough.

Self-confidence is like your bulletproof vest that will protect you against the naysayers.


  • Tenacity

is the quality of an individual to be determined and persistent. If you have a lot of Self confidence but you are not tenacious then you will give excuses for your current situation instead of being there until the end. You need to be tenacious to get back up and give it another shot.

It’s never over until you call it over.


  • Hacker Mindset

This is the last and the most critical one because if you have all the traits and qualities mentioned above but you keep the same mindset from beginning to end, you will not learn from the things that went wrong in your last venture or game or competition, then you are clearly going to have the same results no matter what.


Go try it but learn from those mistakes, study your failure and tweak it so you don’t repeat the same one again. Hackers are open-minded and always looking for ways to make it work. It might take long but they are constantly looking for efficiency even if they have to change or reinvent their approach.


Hopefully you can incorporate these traits in your life and please send us your feedback at hello@jolsid.com, we really appreciate all the love and feedback we have received so far.

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