Clarify your Vision

You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration. In the Internet industry, it’s not about grand innovation, it’s about a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month, making something a little bit better.
– Jason Calacanis

Your vision is where you’re headed. It’s what success looks.

One reason many people struggle to become successful is because they don’t have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. They may have vague ideas of the benefits they’d like to gain, like more money or a bigger house – but they have no idea how they’ll achieve them. They may try a few different ventures, halfheartedly working toward a greater level of success, but eventually lose interest when they don’t see much progress.

Vision has a way of prioritizing your values. A clear vision has the power to bring what’s most important to the surface of your schedule and lifestyle. A clear vision makes it easy to weed out of your life those things that stand in the way of achieving what matters most. Vision empowers you to move purposefully in a predetermined direction. Once you have clarified your vision, or visions, many decisions are already made. Without vision, good things will hinder you from achieving the best things.

Things rarely get stuck because lack of time or lack of talent. They get stuck because of lack of clarity.

Do you remember that scene from Alice in Wonderland where Alice comes to a fork in the road?
“Which road do I take?”, she asked.
“Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat.
“I don’t know”, Alice answered.
“Then”, said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

Why is having a clear vision so important?

Vision becomes the compass of your life. In your mind you can see your intended or hopeful destination and your energies are rallied to move in that direction with relentless passion. Think of the Olympians – can you imagine what all they had to sacrifice in order to get to the Olympics? Think of the hours of practice, the blisters, the mistakes, the determination required. Why? Because they are focused on a goal, they imagine themselves at the Olympics, winning the gold for their country and that dream becomes the compass for their lives. Thus the reason why victory is so sweet and defeat is agonizingly painful.

Motivation is asking, “why am I doing what I’m doing? What’s the purpose?” I enjoy asking people the simple question, “why?” Why do you do what you do? Why do you live in the town/city in which you live? Why do you belong to certain organizations? Why do you do the job you do? Why do you own the business you do? Why did you get married to the person you did? Why are you married? Why do you have children? Why are you eating what you are eating? Why do you drive the car you do? Why do you live in the house that you do? “Why” is a good question to ask all the time because it reveals your intentions. We humans are crazy creatures of habit. We easily go through the motions of an activity without a clear sense of purpose. Often we lack vision. Yet it is vision that provides motivation and provides us with a sense of purpose and destiny. With a clear and compelling vision, you rise from bed knowing where you are going and what your life is about.


How to clarify your vision?

1.Know exactly what you want to accomplish.
Rather than thinking about the perks and benefits that come along with success, focus instead on conceiving a PURPOSE. What do you want to accomplish? What is important to you? Why is it important?
Think about the qualities and skills you’d like to develop within yourself, and the types of goals that could help you do it. Be very specific! Write it down in minute detail.

2. Know the approximate timeline for completion.
Realistically, how long should it take for your objective to be completed? Barring any unexpected delays, have a general idea of when you should reach your goal.

3. Have a list of clear action steps.
Besides knowing exactly what you want to achieve, knowing exactly how you’ll do it is also vital. Think about the end result you want to create, and then consider exactly what you’d need to do in order to get from here to there. Write each step in order, and make a note of any possible obstacles you may face along with actions you could take to overcome them.

4. Have a solid plan for putting those steps into action.
Will all of your action steps be undertaken at once? Or is there a clear progression that needs to be followed? If a delay or obstacle comes up, would that change the order of your action steps? Prepare and plan ahead as much as possible.

Then, make sure you put your plans into action, and keep them in action.

5- Finally, re-evaluate and readjust as necessary.
Once you’re moving forward you’ll want to set aside some time to re-evaluate and readjust if circumstances have changed since you drew up your original plans. You can do this as frequently as needed in order to ensure you are staying on track.

With a clear vision and a strong desire to achieve it, you’ll soon find that you’re on the fast track to success like never before!


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